Save Goldy - Your Guide to Proper Goldfish Care

Welcome to Save Goldy!
Save Goldy! This site is all about good goldfish care. Often Goldfish are neglected and abused pets however looking after a goldfish properly is not hard, and with the right knowledge you can keep a happy fish in your tank for many years. This site will teach you the basics of keeping your goldfish happy.

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There are two core sections, the 'Buying Goldy' section for those wannabe fishkeepers who havn't bought a Goldfish yet and the 'Bought Goldy' for those who have already bought a Goldfish but may be having trouble or for those who have just completed the Buying Goldy section.

A third section explains advanced aquarium concepts such as the nitrogen cycle, and even talks abit about goldfish history.

The mini sections in orange provide useful and interesting quick info.